Where the Money Goes

Proceeds from each and every initiative are donated to local charities and youth sports programs. We give to local beneficiaries and charities, but there are occasions when the world needs more support (and where our dollar goes further) such as creating infrastructure in a 3rd world country or rebuilding a city in time of natural disasters. Every year, we will release actual figures about the funds donated to each charity.

In 2018, we will donate our proceeds to: Right to Play, Share the Warmth & Montreal Community Cares.

Share the Warmth

Share the Warmth is a local (Montreal) organization that fosters the overall development and success of youth, increases access to food security and health for all and offers work training programs.

Right To Play is a global organization committed to improving the lives of children and youth affected by conflict, disease and poverty.


Montreal Community Cares

Montreal Community Cares Foundation looks to empower youth by developing their leadership skills through our programs, workshops and events, and by building bridges between communities.

2017 Numbers:

The 2017 GOAL Tournament we raised and donated $50,000 to the following local charities: Share the Warmth, Global Citizen and Montreal Community Cares