GOAL Captains Program

 Our GOAL Captains (our Ambassadors) 

The GOAL Initiative Captains live our values... everyday! They make our culture richer, programs more impactful and parties more FUN. Get to know each of them or join them (below). 

Drea Wheeler 

Fitness Guru

Drea Wheeler action shot


John Bowman

CFL Player

John Bowman






Dominic Oduro

MLS Player  

Dominic Oduro

Evan Bush

MLS Player


Patrick Langlois

TV & Radio Personality



Jean-Philippe Wauthier

TV and Radio Host

Jean-Philippe Wauthier - GOAL Initiative Ambassador

Oliver Kult

Entrepreneur & Stylist

GOAL Initiative Brand Ambassador - Oliver Kult



Become a GOAL Initiative Captain/Ambassador 

Want to have ONE cause and be part of something bigger than yourself?

Join the GOAL Captain program to help us help others. The more we do, the more we can give back!

Where the $ Goes

Get in touch so you can 

  • Promote GOAL continually and influence your followers to join the initiative!  
    • Follow our social and share 
    • Create content with our team 
    • Use your reach to promote specific events/activations 
  • Help or host  an event or activation - when you show up, your crew does too! 
  • Create an event or fundraiser (with our support)
  • Participate in GOAL Week (starting June 1 in Montreal, QC) 
  • Have your business donate a portion of sales 
  • Donate your services to us or allow us to auction it for a donation
  • Create a curated playlist (Spotful) for the GOAL channel